Beaker Bong

The Beaker Bong is a classic style water pipe they have a wide round base, to a straight tube. Many styles exist from a Zig Zag Beaker Bong, Beaker with Perc, to different size Beaker Water PIpes. Most common sizes you find Glass Beaker water pipes are in 8” Beaker, 10” Beaker, 12” Beaker, 14” Beaker, and 16” Beaker basically adding to 2” more till you reach 18” Beaker.  Here at Pipe King LLC we carry Embossed Design Beakers with various prints and characters, 7mm and 9mm thick Glass Beakers, Zong Beakers, and an assortment of Percolator Beakers. Beaker Water PIpe are not only made for Herbs, but can also easily be made to meet your Dabbing needs. Add a Quartz Bangers to any of our Glass Beakers, and you got yourself a heavy hitting dab rig. The Beauty of Glass Beaker bongs is that way it is built, you add enough water to the base, to allow for some filtration then there is a thick build up of smoke within the round cone shape base, once you clear the bowl it shoots the cloud of smoke straight through, clearing the chamber allowing you to control how big or small your rip is. 

We have high quality imported beakers that come from India and China, as well as Glass Beakers made in the USA. When buying Wholesale Glass Beakers from our Online Smoke Shop you can find Beakers starting as low as $10 to $40 dollars. Wholesale Smoke Shop accounts are available to customers who register as a business. Your welcome to shop our Online Retail Smoke Shop, as all pricing includes Shipping and tax and no special account is needed. Whether you are looking for your next Beaker Dab Rig or Beaker Water Pipe we got something for everything, to enjoy a nice smoke from.